What is a PWP NFT?

Simple really. A Psychic Warrior of Pappataz Non-Fungible Token. In other words, a collection of 555 algorithmically generated and human-crafted unique pieces of art that are stored on the Solana blockchain and are up for grabs to own.

Where's the roadmap?

There is no roadmap. There also no gimmicks, no smoke and mirrors, and no rugs. You should buy a PWP for the sick art. That doesn't mean that more may not be coming, but this is one project where frankly the art is enough! Serge is a prolific artist and this is his first NFT project, so that alone should make a PWP a sound investment.

Where can I buy a PWP?

From Magic Eden marketplace.

How can I find out my PWPs rarity?

You can find details on the overall rarity of your PWP, as well as individual traits on MoonRank.

How are these NFTs generated?

We're running through a full creative process, cycling through different ideas and iterating on concepts. We started building this world in our heads before the first doodle was drawn. The artwork similarly went through a rigorous process of continuous revisions and improvements. Once the artwork is finalised, we'll use a system of weighted rarity and an algorithm that will take hundreds of layers of artwork and create the unique 555 NFTs that will comprise the PWP collection.

Wow! How do I keep up to date?

Our Twitter account will be the primary means through which the PWP team will communicate with the outside world. We’ve also launched a Discord for the truly committed followers of the project who’ll be able to connect with each other and the team, as well as be the first to hear of any new developments.