Mint a PWP

The mint will be taking place January 20th!

We'll be minting just 555 psychic warriors for .15 SOL. We aim to create genuine scarcity with a small number of quality and unique NFTs.

We’ve priced the collection and set an amount so the value comes from scarcity in such a small PFP project and at .15 SOL the investment is a small one affordable for most we hope. The Psychic Warriors of Pappataz has been the first crypto project for Serge. He’s planning some exciting 1:1 crypto artworks and small collections of around a few dozen pieces that will be specifically created for the crypto and NFT space. Serge is a prolific and established artist, and we believe as his body of work and reputation in the NFT space increases, then the value of this project will naturally rise.

To find out exactly when the mint will be, join our Discord.