Many light years away on a small exoplanet, Pappataz-11, there lives a race of rotund and remarkable beings bestowed with psychic powers. While they may, on average, barely reach beyond the knee of an adult human in height, they are nonetheless fearsome warriors.

The early history of Pappatazlings was marked by ignorant division and tribal warfare. The Tribes of the Four Land Masses had fought each other in a near continuous state of war for so many crossings of the moons that no records existed of a time when it wasn’t so.

During that first bloody epoch, the Time of Turmoil, it looked as if the Tribes of Pappataz-11 would remain forever in a brutish, nasty and short existence, ending almost inevitably in gruesome fashion on the battlefield.

Then came Axo-Fi and the Great Connection.

Axo-Fi, the youngest daughter of the Axo Tribe Chieftain, was banished from her tribe owing to her fiery spirit and her refusal to conform to the strict rules of her tribe. She was left to wander the wild plains of the Eastern land mass, surviving through guile, good fortune and the alms of the occasional peaceful Pappatazian nomad.

During those many moons of travel, Axo-Fi is said to have developed the practice of Sotày – a trance-like meditation where the practitioner remains buried for several days at a time. It’s unclear if it was sheer luck or some deeper instinct that lead Axo-Fi to the subterranean fungi that act like the neural highways for the Pappataz planets. But one thing we do know for certain: once a connection is made it rewires the brain of the Sotày practitioner, such that they can then begin to influence the field of Pappataz directly. The more at one with the Pappataz energy field, the stronger the ability to influence the field and all matter within it.

Axo-Fi’s first fusing with the energy field is referred to as the Great Connection. Pappatazlings from the Four Land Masses spontaneously began to find their way to her after this event. With each passing of the winds, her followers increased exponentially. The old tribes began to dwindle as their ranks were decimated by desertion. They soon realised that only by combining would they have the numbers to make a stand against this new strange tribe of the East. So from fear and desperation the tribes formed their first and only alliance. Warriors from the North, West and South sailed to the Eastern Land Mass. They joined the remaining faithful of the Axo Tribe, and lead by Axo-Fi’s father himself, this unholy war party marched out to the plains, facing down Axo-Fi and her followers.

Early in their training, weak in their connection to the field of Pappataz and outnumbered 20 to 1, many of Axo-Fi’s followers were cut down without mercy. In the middle of the battle field, Axo-Fi hovered a short distance from the ground, eyes closed. The battle raged all around her but no enemy could approach – an invisible shield surrounded her repelling anything that neared like opposing magnets.

As the battle wore on and the alliance of the old tribes sensed victory was near, the ball of energy surrounding Axo-Fi expanded. Her followers were not repelled but taken inside, while the enemy was pushed back. At first slowly, knocked from their feet and dragged outwards, and then all at once in an explosion that sounded like one sudden deafening gust of white noise, the attackers were vaporised.

From that bloody reckoning, there followed a time of unprecedented peace. The remaining warriors of Pappataz-11 from all the four land masses united under the leadership of Axo-Fi. She preached and taught the one true pursuit – union with the field of Pappataz.

The Pappatazlings now practiced the martial arts only as a precursor to their wider psychic training, and as a means to achieve a broader mental self-mastery. But even during those many generations of peace, the warrior mentality remained and they still carried the brutish appearance of their uncivilised ancestors.

With every generation they further advanced their psychic capabilities; each individual developing their own unique set of powers. On the whole Pappatazlings are capable of telepathy, hypnosis and the ability to control electro-magnetic fields. The average intelligence of their kind is superior to the human 'genius'.

The Time of Peace Axo-Fi ushered in delivered great prosperity and opened the doors to astounding technological advancements for her kind and their new civilisation, Pappatamia. She lived to see her 300th crossing of the moons, twice the average life expectancy of her race. Before her physical form was returned to the energy field, she saw the very first missions to the systems 17 planets, and witnessed the successful landings on Pappataz-2 and Pappataz-6.

These missions marked a new era. The great civilisation of Pappatamia turned its attention towards the outer systems. They discovered many alien beings, some civilised and others less so. Some of these alien civilisations were built on the oppression of weaker or less fortunate races and species. Some were spacefaring but explored the multiverse not with curiosity and goodwill, but with malevolent and perfidious intentions.

In this intergalactic context, the Psychic Warriors of Pappataz found the reason for this calling that drew them from their home planet to those of others many light years away. This calling was the cry of freedom from suffering beings who existed on planets and within energy fields of distorted and corrupted energy. The Time of Liberation for all beings is coming, but not yet secured. This is what the Psychic Warriors of Pappataz fight for.