A blueprint image showing how the character is designed.

$PAPPA is a token that can be earned by holders of the PWP collection. You can use your $PAPPA to buy art from future collections. Airdrops will begin in early February.


Step 1 is to delist your PWPs from Magic Eden.

$PAPPA represents your Psychic Warriors connection to the field of Pappataz. In order to deepen that connection and earn $PAPPA, you have to take them away from public view so they can pursue the ancient art of Sotày meditation.

Pappatamian society rewards those with advanced spiritual powers.

For every day your PWPs are delisted you will earn 10 $PAPPA. Each delisted PWP earns 10 tokens, so if you have 5 PWPs delisted you will earn 50 $PAPPA per day.

If you list your PWP on Magic Eden, your airdrops of $PAPPA will stop.

Psychic + Warrior = extra $PAPPA

Some Psychic Warriors tend towards using their Psychic powers while others lean into their Warrior nature. Each PWP has a "Nature" attribute: either Warrior or Psychic.

When you hold one of each, they are more powerful in connecting to the field of Papptaz and earn 30 $PAPPA per day as a unit, gaining an extra 10 $PAPPA per day.


You will be able to use $PAPPA to mint from following collections, as well as auctions of other characters from the Pappaverse.


The total token supply of $PAPPA is 15 million.

85% of the supply is reserved for creative projects, such as airdrops to be redeemed for future collections.

15% is reserved for the team, partners, collaborations and marketing promotions.

All $PAPPA spent will be burnt.