Spirits of Pappataz

To understand the Spirits of Pappataz, you must first understand the Field of Pappataz.

The Field of Pappataz is the particular intelligence that drives all existence in Pappataz’s 17-planet and 26-moon, tri-solar system.

The Field is all knowledge – past, present and future.

The Field is all beings – deceased, living and unborn.

The volcanoes of Pappataz-11 are the Field. The iron-rich basaltic rock found in the mountains of the great southern lands are the Field. The carbon thin air is the Field. And everything it touches is also the Field.

Nothing is the Field because everything is the Field.

From the Field, all matter manifests as the elements. From the Field, the mind manifests awareness, thoughts and perceptions. From the Field, the vast complex of being arises.

With knowledge of the Field comes the knowledge that death has no meaning, or even existence. In the common speech of Pappatazlings, we refer to the ‘Great Return’. But it is not returning to the Field of Pappataz that happens when one physical form ceases to be. It is better understand, rather, as a metamorphosis.

The Field is in constant flux, a dynamic pulsing, like a wave running through all atomic matter, which eventually breaks apart all physical objects only for them to reassemble into other material forms. Nothing returns, as nothing ever leaves the Field.
"The sage who knows the Field, knows change."
~ Ancient Pappataz wisdom

When a psychic warrior dedicates themselves sufficiently to the ancient practice of Sotàyic meditation, their connection to the Field becomes strong enough to filter the Field, like a radio tuning into the particular bandwidth of a station. This is how the ancestral Spirits of Pappataz can be reached.

The process is akin to learning a new language or instrument. At first, everything is unintelligible, jumbled, disorientating. But then sounds come through cleanly; meaning and joy are revealed.

The early masters, trained from the direct teaching lineage of Axo-Fi, discovered that all life centred on 4 energies. These energies were most intensely manifested in physical form through the volcanoes, forests and oceans of Pappataz, as well as emanating through the core of the planet itself. They also discovered that the Spirits of Pappataz were most easily reached when physically close to these 4 natural environments.

These spirit energies represent the four-fold path to a deeper connection, and ultimate oneness, with the Field.

The first energies of life, the emotional turmoil and the internal fire, are those captured in the volcanoes of Pappataz-11. An untrained psychic warrior will remain tethered to this energy. When their physical form expires, their spirit and knowledge is drawn to the volcanoes.

If a psychic warrior progresses through this first phase, gaining a better awareness of the Field, they move to a place of healing. The forests of Pappataz-11 contain the plants and energy to heal. Many psychic warriors dedicate their lives to others and their energy and knowledge is drawn back to the flora and fauna of the forests.

If one is truly healed, in body and mind, there is peace. And this is best felt from the oceans. Peace is never permanent. The volcanoes will erupt and the oceans are sent sprawling. But if a psychic warrior has known true inner peace, their Spirit and wisdom can be forever found on the stillness of a calm ocean.

If the path is completed then a conscious and continuous fusing with the Field is achieved. This can only be first realised while buried deep underground in an advanced state of Sotàyic meditation. A Pappatazling is henceforth Awakened. When their physical form is no longer animated with life, their wisdom is returned to the planet’s soil – the surroundings for future generations of psychic warriors to practise Sotày and begin their own four-fold journey.

A young warrior will often make long spiritual pilgrimages to the most far flung corners of Pappataz-11 in search of a strong energy they can use to connect to the Spirits. If a psychic warrior manages to connect with the Spirits of Pappataz, their worldly success will invariably increase. Whether it’s a diplomatic dilemma, strategising on the battlefield or making shrewd business decisions, tapping into the wisdom of the Spirits is an invaluable teacher to a Pappatazling.