A blueprint image showing how the character is designed.

Each NFT is unique. The images are 4200x4200px PNG files, algorithmically generated from hand drawn layers of artwork. Each layer was meticulously designed, considered and crafted.

There are 139 traits across a range of categories: head, brain, eyes, nose, mouth, arms, legs, footwear, background and a few 'specials'.  

The algorithm was programmed with different weights of occurrence for each trait.

Psychics & Warriors

The collection is split into Warriors and Psychics (although Warriors have psychic abilities, and Psychics can certainly kick ass!). The split reflects the tone of traits, so Warriors have more aggressive features, whereas Psychics have more or a zen vibe.

Rank your warrior

If you own a Psychic Warrior, you can see where they rank in terms of rarity on MoonRank.